A bit about me

I first started working in metal when I used large steel plates in printmaking as a Fine Arts degree student in Hull in the 1980’s.  I’ve always been attracted to working with metal, 3 years ago I started learning silversmithing.  Then I started making fused silver and gilding metal jewellery and small pots 2 years ago after attending an advanced Silversmith course at West Dean College.  I’m interested in developing and exploring ways of introducing colour into the pieces I make, and I now use a technique that involves fusing silver and gilding metal then patinating to colour the final pieces with an ammonia mixture; this turns the gilding metal black, the new alloy created from the melting of the silver and gilding metal, blue, and the silver remains silver.  I also leave pieces in their natural colours, the gilding metal will then slowly turn a darker colour or, if cleaned, will look like rose gold.

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