A bit about me

I first started working in metal when I used large steel plates in printmaking as a Fine Arts degree student in Hull in the 1980’s.  I’ve always been attracted to working with metal, I started making fused metal jewellery after attending an advanced Silversmith course. 

I mostly work in a mixture of silver and base metals, often  copper and brass, but I do sometimes use bronze and Shakudo.

 I’m interested in developing and exploring ways of introducing colour into the pieces I make, and I often use a technique that involves fusing different metals, under pressure and heat called Mokume Gane. It's a technique that originated in Japan and involves working an ingot of different metals to create patterns. I sometimes also add a patina to the finished pieces, the colours created depend on the metals used and the chemical reaction within the process.  

If I leave the metals in their original states, then each pieces colour will be determine by the colours of the metals I've used, often these change over time, copper can get darker and the contract between silver and copper can build.

All the jewellery that I create is made in my studio in Sheffield.